Where Should You Have Your Engagement Shoot?

An engagement shoot is a chance for you and your photographer to get to know each other before the big day, allowing them to learn what you like and dislike in a picture, how you behave in front of a camera and how you interact as a couple – all of which will help them to create the perfect wedding shots in a few weeks’ time.

An engagement shoot is often less formal than a wedding shoot, which means you can be as imaginative as you like! There are no rules when it comes to choosing a location, but most couples like to choose somewhere with sentimental value. The important thing is that the location should be somewhere you both feel happy and relaxed, which will shine through in your photos. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Scene of Your First Date

Many engaged couples like to go back to the scene of their first date for their engagement shoot, whether this is a favourite restaurant, a cinema or even a pub. As a place with a lot of history for the two of you, the location of your first date almost becomes a ‘character’ in the shoot, so you should try and interact with the scene in your photographs; for example, in a restaurant, you could clink your wine glasses together, recreate the famous scene from Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’ with a plate of spaghetti, or even stage a food fight!

The Scene of Your Engagement

Every time you revisit the scene of your engagement, you will instantly remember that magic moment when he got down on one knee and proposed… so what better place to take your engagement photos? Some couples like to wear the same outfits that they wore on the day of their engagement to recreate the scene as closely as possible.

Your Hometown

If the two of you grew up together, your hometown will have played an important part in your relationship, so why not make a feature of it in your engagement shoot? Nobody knows the streets better than the two of you, so show your photographer your favourite local landmarks, your favourite walks and the best views in town, which will create a stunning backdrop for your pictures.

The Great Outdoors

For nature-loving couples, the great outdoors is the obvious choice for an engagement shoot. While outdoor portrait photography presents certain challenges for the photographer, it also presents unique opportunities: natural lighting, beautiful landscapes and vibrant colours work together to create stunning pictures with a relaxed vibe. A park, botanical garden, beach or even a local meadow are ideal locations for an al fresco engagement shoot.


Wherever you choose to have your engagement shoot, the most important thing is that the location is somewhere you both enjoy spending time and that reflects your personalities. By establishing a rapport with your photographer, you can ensure that you achieve beautiful pictures, not only at your engagement shoot, but at your wedding too.